The Loyola Core

Loyola’s holistic curriculum, which is deeply grounded in Jesuit values and the liberal arts and sciences, is designed to form “students as scholars” who upon graduation have understanding of epistemological theories as well as disciplinary content knowledge, critical thinking skills, self awareness, and a commitment to lifelong learning and lifelong service. The curricular emphasis on ethics, interdisciplinary connections, inclusive excellence and appreciation of diversity, international education and global preparedness, and commitment to faculty/student collaborative scholarship and community engaged learning and service are clear hallmarks of Loyola’s distinctive, transformational educational experience.

The Loyola Core stands as a clear expression of the Jesuit vision of education, and provides a foundation in a genuinely humanistic education -- in philosophy, religious studies, literature, history, the sciences, and the arts -- complementing the major fields of study of every undergraduate's program. Loyola Core courses will present a wide variety of topics in context, and the program delivers a college-level foundation for the development of critical thinking, oral and written communication, quantitative reasoning, information literacy, and ethical reasoning. 

Foundations, Knowledge, and Values

The Loyola Core involves 14 courses (at least 42 credit hours) that satisfy specific areas of study that provide the basis of the liberal arts education founded in the nearly 500 year old Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person. One of those courses serve as a required introductory course in each student's major academic program - completion requirements are 13 courses (at least 39 credit hours) within the Loyola Core, and 1 course (at least 3 credit hours) completed in the major as assigned by each program. Some majors do require 4 credit hour Mathematics courses and Natural Science courses with 1 credit hour lab requirements that slightly increase the number of Loyola Core credit hours.   

Foundation Courses - 12 credit hours

The first 4 courses are considered Foundation courses, and are designed for students in their first undergraduate year. Each of these courses provides a solid college-level academic foundation for all undergraduate programs at Loyola, and delivers skills and competencies that will be used throughout the Loyola college experience. 

Foundation Section Course Number & Name Credit Hours
First-Year Seminar T121 Name varies by course 3 crs.
English *

ENGL T122 Critical Reading & Writing

3 crs.
Math * MATH T122 Math Models or
MATH A115 Finite Math or
MATH A257 Calculus I (4 crs.)
3 crs.

SCIE T129 Investigating Nature or
Any Biology, Chemistry, Physics A100-199

3 crs.

* Some majors require specific ENGL or MATH courses to satisfy requiements as part of the general education section of the program.  If this is the case for a specific major, the course here would NOT be used as the Loyola Core major exception. Refer to program Degree Program Course Listing (DPCL).

Knowledge & Values Courses - 30 credit hours

Knowledge & Values courses deliver skills and competencies while focusing on a topic or theme in context, relating that topic to larger ideas in the field of study. Flexibility on course topic or theme is built into the Loyola Core, allowing students to explore areas of interest within the larger scope of the required disciplinary or interdisciplinary area. Knowledge & Values Courses should be taken within 3 years, but must be completed before graduation.

In most undergraduate programs, a required introductory course for the major satisfies one of the areas within the Knowledge & Values section. 

Knowledge & Values Section Participating Course Numbers  Credit Hours
Creative Arts & Cultures CLHU, CMMN, DANC, ENGL, FREN, JPNS, LAS, MUGN, SPAN, THEA, VISA: O200-O499 3 crs
History 1:

HIST T100-T399

3 crs. 
History 2: History Q200-Q399 3 crs.
Natural Science in Context BIOL, CHEM, MATH, PHYS Y100-499
3 crs.
Philosophy 1: Introduction to the Philosophy of Reasoning PHIL R122 - R199 3 crs.
Philosophy 2: Philosophy of Knowledge & Morality  PHIL U200-U499
PHIL W200-W499
3 crs.
Religious Studies 1: Christian Tradition RELS S200 - S499 3 crs.
Religious Studies 2: World Religions RELS V200 - V499 3 crs.
Social Science CMMN, CRJU, LAS, POLS, PSYC, SOCI, TEAC X200 - X499  3 crs.
Writing About Literature  CLHU, ENGL, LAS, LING N200-N499 3 crs.