Education Abroad Programs

For students wanting an education abroad experience, the Center for International Education is the first stop with advising and information on both Loyola and non-Loyola programs, financial aid, and scholarships. Staff work with students to help them find the right program that will meet their academic and personal goals, financial situation, and interests.  Students must also meet with their academic adviser and the associate dean in their college prior to applying to a non-Loyola study abroad program. 

Numerous programs are available for Loyola students. There are semester and year-long programs, community service/immersion programs, components to academic courses, and summer study abroad. While the majority of students study abroad for summer programs, a growing number of students are selecting semester or year-long programs. Students can attend both Loyola and non-Loyola programs, but Loyola financial aid can usually only be applied to Loyola exchange programs and ISEP. The university has a number of affiliations with study abroad programs that provide limited scholarships or discounts for Loyola students. Students must apply by the deadlines of October 1 for the spring and March 1 for the fall in order to receive credit for non-Loyola programs abroad.  There are earlier deadlines for Loyola exchange programs.  All the information that a student needs can be found at or contact us at